about Evandro Myller

Evandro - or eMyller, as known in the interwebs - is a passionate web developer moved by challenges. His experience and the open source community has taught him what he knows today. He likes to innovate, to break paradigms in favor of the good. He's born and lives at Brazil, in one of the hottest places of the country. His fan is his loyal company of most of the time.

He currently works on some parallel projects and companies and wishes that there was someone else to give all the attention his pillow needs. Something about his work:

  • Does back-end work with Python, Django and whatever he finds useful;
  • Speaks JavaScript, created Mandoo and does lots of cool front-end stuff with it;
  • Designs web pages and other user interfaces when inspired;
  • Likes to teach about web, standards, programming;
  • Loves the open source philosophy and how it has contributed to his life;
  • Yes, he's a power Linux (Kubuntu) user and spreader.

You can easily reach him at:

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